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UT Demos

dTank-UT Draw Demo

dTank-UT Path Demo 1

dTank-UT Path Demo 2

Cibre Chase Cibre - UT (clip)

Cibre Chase Cibre - UT (clip) 2

SME Chase Cibre - UT (clip)

SME path - UT (clip)

At AdCogSys, we believe in leveraging existing work that includes a focus on the portability and reuse of cognitive models.  Several of our dTank models models have been successfully ported to Unreal Tournament 2004. 

UT Chase Screenshot

The chase-short1 model behaving in Unreal Tournament 2004 with no modifications!

UT Path Screenshot

The path model behaving in UT2004

UT Spaceship Screenshot

UT2004 offers much more complex vehicles and environments.  Here is an example of a new UT2004 model flying a spaceship.