Adaptive Cognitive Systems

Cognitive Modeling Research and Development


Adaptive Cognitive Systems is located in the historic Fairhaven district of Bellingham WA, home of Western Washington University .  We're approximately a fifteen minute walk from much of the WWU campus, and are surrounded by the amenities of the downtown Fairhaven district.  The combination of natural scenery, historic charm, and proximity to Bellingham Bay makes for an excellent workplace location.

Many Bellinghamsters tend to work hard and play hard, and when it's time to play, it's a toss up between the mountains and the sea, both are equally accessible and offer a wide variety of outdoor activities. 

Bellngham has a well maintained interurban trail system, a portion of which comes within blocks of our office, offering opportunities for running, cycling, roller-blading, and walking through most of the year.

Bellingham is consistently ranked among the most secure places to live in the U.S., and for a location with access to a university and outdoor amenities, the cost of living in Bellingham is quite reasonable, especially when compared to markets like New York and Silicon Valley.

Bellingham is also known for access to organic produce and fresh seafood, with the combination of local grocers, national chains, and a regular farmer's market providing a wide range of options.  Much of this food, of course, ends up in the local restaurants, and Bellingham has an appealing selection of establishments to choose from.

Taken as a whole, Bellingham is simply a great place to live.  But don't take our word for it -- check out the many "best places" lists, and you'll find Bellingham consistently ranked.