Adaptive Cognitive Systems

Cognitive Modeling Research and Development

Careers with AdCogSys

Our research focus on cognitive modeling calls for a range of skills and talents taken from the cognitive sciences, and especially from Psychology and Computer Science.  AdCogSys scientists and developers are particularly skilled in mathematics, data analysis, and algorithm optimization.  We also have a need for deep understanding of human factors and the ability to analyze how people interact with devices and systems (cognitive engineering). 

We do recognize that the deep knowledge our work requires isn't always available from a single university curriculum, so we focus significant resources on providing training and mentoring within the company.  This includes some things that might be familiar, like code reviews, and reading groups, but also includes a substantial in-house effort to document and communicate what we know and share that with each other.

AdCogSys is also a small company, so we value versatility and problem solving skills combined with the ability to achieve concrete goals.  At the same time, we tackle problems together, and stress a team approach to software development and research alike.

Despite being small, AdCogSys offers competitive salary and benefits packages, including things you'd expect like paid time off, and solid health care options, but other things you might not expect, like flexible work schedules and bus passes.

While we advertise for specific positions, we occasionally hire exceptionally talented individuals and create positions to fit their unique abilities.  If you believe you're one of those people, don't hesitate to contact us.